How tough is your mind?

It was once said: “What the mind can perceive, the body can achieve”. Over the years, these few words have been a true testament to success as we think about the visionaries in business, technology, art, invention-just to name a few. What sets these ‘select few’ apart from the rest of the human race? Are they superior than us? Are they more privileged? According to Dr. Steve Harris, we all have the ability to soar and all it takes is ‘mental toughness’.

Acclaimed speaker, author, Doctor, playwright and entrepreneur Dr. Steve Harris will explore the mind and his research to members at the South African Council of Shopping Centres’ (SACSC) Western Cape Chapter Networking Breakfast next week. He will ‘dissect’ the concept of ‘mental toughness’ - but what does it mean to be mentally tough? According to Dr. Harris, it’s the ability to manage one’s mind. “By managing one’s mind, it allows you allocate your energy to the right place, at the right time for the right reason. You do not waste energy. Now you can give your best performance consistently, perform at your maximum potential and become the best version of you,” he said.

With regards to the relevance of ‘mental toughness’ in the retail and shopping centre industry, Dr. Harris elaborated further by saying that ‘mental toughness leads you to make adaptations that give you marginal gains and navigate you to less contested spaces where there are new possibilities. You use change, criticism, problems or failures as an inspirational jolt to find new knowledge, apply innovation and adapt your strategy’.

Dr. Steve Harris, is an acclaimed international motivational speaker who has been studying performance for 30 years-15 of which were devoted to performance improvement through an integrated mind and body approach. His MBA dissertation at the University of Cape Town focused on business performance improvement. He followed this with a PhD thesis on mental toughness as a factor in performance. Academic research combined with experiences assisting business organisations and sports teams at all levels led to his work as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, conference and keynote speaker.

Dr. Harris encouraged those who wish to expand their minds and have a new outlook on their jobs, customers, industry and one’s personal goals to attend the breakfast event. “We will explore the mind like never before and you will see what you are missing out on in plain sight. Charles Darwin claimed (paraphrased) that the strongest will survive but the most adaptive will thrive. With mental toughness, we do not let our past become the puppeteer of our minds, instead we use our past to inform our present and future, not determine it,” he said.

This is the first SACSC Western Cape Chapter Networking Breakfast for the year. The SACSC hosts these networking events throughout the year over KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng. Join Dr. Harris and the SACSC at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beach Road, Granger Bay on March 13, 2018 commencing at 7.30am.

Bookings are essential those interested or require more information may call 010 0030 228 or visit

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