Membership Application

Paid for by the company. The membership belongs to the company and not to the member. I.e. Should the member leave the company, the company may nominate a replacement. The member would then have to register under the new company.
For owners/employees of SA retailers with not more than 2 stores nationally.
Applicable to retailers who were not SACSC members in 2023. Subsidised rate for the first year to demonstrate SACSC membership benefits.
Must be 29 years of age or younger on 01 January 2024. i.e. member who is still in their 20’s. Copy of ID to be provided.
Full time registered students who are NOT employed. Copy of registration letter from Institution to be provided with application.
Includes personnel from all divisions, including Centre Managers, Marketing Managers, Facility Managers etc.
Includes personnel from all brands under Retail Group.
The name you are known by to your collegues (e.g. Bob instead of Robert). This is the name that would appear on name tags, member search etc.

Terms and Conditions

I have read and accept the conditions below, confirm that the information given by me above is correct and further confirm that I am duly authorised to sign/submit information on behalf of the above company/person.

  1. Membership runs on an annual basis i.e. is due for renewal on the 01 January of each year.
  2. Membership renewal is automatic every year in January, however members have the option to terminate such membership in January of each year.
  3. After the 01 February 2024, members are liable for full settlement of annual membership fees.
  4. Cancellation must be given in writing, by 31 January 2024.
  5. Please note that by submitting information via this application, you consent to the collection, collation, processing, and storing of such information and the use and disclosure of such information whereby the SACSC may use all data in any communication that the SACSC sends out or uses in any Membership or event delegate listings.
  6. By signing this form OR completing it and returning per email, acknowledges responsibility for payment of full membership fees.

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